CellPoint LLC

Cell Point, LLC - Theranostic Nuclear Medicine Biotech Company

Cell>Point (Cell Point, LCC) operates in the theranostic nuclear medicine field, creating treatment and diagnostic applications for diabetes, cancer, ischemia-based diseases, and cardiovascular and neuroendocrine conditions. Based in Centennial, CO, Cell>Point utilizes four chelation chemistry technology platforms and owns over 140 patents. Since its establishment in 2001, Cell>Point has been profiled by a number of publications and media outlets and has received a Frost & Sullivan award.

Cell>Point’s clinical operations mainly focus on a proprietary ethylenedicysteine-glucosamines compound, which has been trademarked under the name Oncardia. Tailored for cancer and cardiovascular disease therapies, the product utilizes a process known as intranuclear therapy, which targets afflicted cells and delivers cold metal or radionuclides to the nucleus. Cell>Point is managing clinical trials for two related products: 99m Tc-Oncardia oncology imaging and 99m Tc-Oncardia cardiology imaging.

More information regarding Cell>Point’s products and technologies, including a depth of EC precision medicine technology products, can be found on its website, www.Cellpointweb.com.


Cell Point
Centennial, CO USA